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Best Car Seat Back Protector Organiser Kick Mats

Being CarGuru I am a fastidious owner of 2 Mazda vehicles. A few years ago, when my children were in the 2-4 age bracket, I bought a plastic seat back protector to protect the leather from my children kicking the rear of the front seats. They provided

Diesel Vs Petrol – The on-going debate finally solved

(updated 01/04/14: added new petrol vs diesel prices statistics) Mildura, the mini metropolis of the state of Victoria, is very well known for it’s beautiful hot summer days, noteworthy wineries, riverboats, Stefano’s multi-award winning Restaurant, and of course, acre after acre of vineyards (catering for a variety

The best Car Insurance may not be the cheapest

Car Insurance, like any other insurance, provides you with security and protection if an unforeseen event occurs. Getting the most out of your insurance company as well as finding one that meets your needs requires effort and time. The information below provides some useful pointers on what

Old Cars – Menace to the environment

The role of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is to be an effective environmental regulator and an influential authority on environmental impacts. The EPA would be well aware that the largest contributor to air pollution in the world is the automobile. The culprit, more specifically, is the