Find me the right car on a small budget

The following table shows the users car preferences:

First Name Martha
Are you buying a new or used car? Used
Car Body Type Hatch
Transmission Type Manual
From Price Range 1500
To Price Range 2000
Priority 1 Economical to run and maintain
Priority 2 Safety
Priority 3 Practicality/Versatility/Packagin

CarGuru’s Response:

A budget of $1500-$2000 doesn’t really buy you much these days unfortunately. In this instance, you can always rely on the perennial favourites in this category – Toyota Corolla or the Mazda 323 Astina – in their late 90’s vintage. They both come in a hatchback body configuration that will satisfy your priority 3 requirement. I believe the Toyota would better match your priority one (economical to run and maintain) given Toyotas have historically been cheaper to service mainly because of cheaper parts. You may also find that some parts of the Mazda may now be harder to source, which adds more weight to choose the Toyota.

One area where the Mazda will out-shine the Toyota is performance and style, but given neither of these priorities were in your top three, then the Toyota Corolla comes out on top.

Hope this will help in finding the ‘Right car for you‘.

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