Struggling to decide between petrol and diesel – Mitsubishi asx

Q. I am currently looking at a Mitsubishi asx to buy however i am struggling between petrol and diesel. Currently I am looking at the 2.2 diesel as i would be using it mainly in the suburbs with the once a year holiday in the country while keeping the car for at least ten or more years. As i understand your articles on the subject I should be choosing the diesel is this correct?


Your choice of car puts (Mitsubishi ASX you in an unusual position.  Why is that so you might ask?  The equivalent modes (Aspire) in both diesel and petrol cost exactly the same.  As I’ve mentioned in my article, in most cases, the diesel equivalent to the petrol car cost substantially more.  This means that the payback period does not apply in your case.

If you don’t mind the horrible diesel noise that is emitted from the engine, or the fact that it will be cost a  little more in servicing and that it’s not quite as environmentally friendly as the petrol, then the diesel should be your choice.

What you should take note however is the post on CarGuru about the individual who was interested in purchasing the Mitsubishi Challenger re. the particulate filter blocking up.  It seems that your circumstances are similar to this individuals.  Just thought it would be good to be aware of.


Enjoy whatever car you do decide to purchase.



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