Best Car Seat Back Protector Organiser Kick Mats

Being CarGuru I am a fastidious owner of 2 Mazda vehicles. A few years ago, when my children were in the 2-4 age bracket, I bought a plastic seat back protector to protect the leather from my children kicking the rear of the front seats. They provided some form of protection but they didn’t look good nor did they really fit snuggly around the seats. This meant that their little feet still managed to scuff the leather.

I finally found this item that not only looks good but also provides tailor-made dedicated slots for (large) drink bottles, tissue boxes, ipads, soft toys, umbrellas etc.

I highly recommend this item as it is a hard-wearing, stylish and practical car seat organiser that also happens to conveniently provide A1 car seat protection for those fastidious car owners.

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