Lamborghini Aventador – the ultimate Super-Car

When I was a young kid, my favourite car without peer was Lamborghini. They looked so fast, so futuristic, so sleek and those doors that opened upward (instead of outward) made every kid in the school yard want one, and do whatever they can to get one.

Thirty five years later, not much has changed. The new Lamborghini Aventador re-defines the meaning of “Stunning”, “Motoring Masterpiece”, ”Faultless”, “Stupendously good car” etc. etc. etc.

Before we take a closer look of the “soon to be released” iteration of this beautifully crafted motoring icon, let’s turn back time and take a brief look at how it all started:

  • Founder: Ferruccio Lamborghini, born in Italy in 1916
  • During World War II, he became known for his wizardry in mechanical improvisation and repaired cars, trucks or motorcycles that broke down with reused parts
  • In the 1940’s, started building tractors in response to the need for tractors in the agricultural area in which he lived.
  • In 1960, he became very interested in developing a high performance cars, and as they say, the rest is history.

Lamborghini heritage (the more well-known models):

  • 350GT, 1964
  • Miura, 1966
  • LP400 Countach, 1973
  • Diablo, 1990
  • Murcielago, 2002
  • Gallardo, 2003

Where do I get my Lamborghini “fix” these days – every 2 years at the Melbourne Motor Show. The Lamborghini’s on display are usually enveloped by other Italian exotics, such as Ferrari and Maserati. These cars are also unbelievably beautiful, but there is just that extra level of aura when looking at a Lamborghini. That probably explains the price difference as well – why pay 20% more for a car when there is little difference in performance or features? The reason is the design and exclusivity…

This latest iteration stays true to form in being a true “work of art”. You often wonder how Lamborghini can improve on a car that is already way beyond the next best exotic, but it does it time and time again. Admittedly, the difference in design between the Murcielago and Aventador is nowhere near as vast as that that separates the other models. The possible reason for this is because there is only 9 years difference between these two models (which is a stark contrast to the other models where the average age difference is seventeen years).

At the Melbourne Motor Show this year, there was a gun metal metallic grey coloured Aventador. It was class personified. I usually spend 1/12 of my time (1 hour) at the motor show staring in awe at the Lamborghinis. This year was no different. As all car enthusiasts know, the design of the rims either make or break the look of any car. In the Lamborghinis case, it truly epitimises the phrase, “icing on the cake”. This is one the many design elements of the car that I spend most my time staring at.

The most disappointing aspect of the show is when you move on from the Lamborghini stand to look at other cars. Although these cars are reality, they are so vastly different in every way. The other really disappointing aspect is that I have’to wait another 2 years so that I can do the whole thing again. Or maybe I start visiting all of the Lamborghini dealers in Melbourne instead….

Facts and Figures that count:


Type: 60 degree V12, Displacement: 6498cc, Max Power: 515 kw @8250, Max Torque: 690nm @ 5500, C02 Emissions: 398g/km, Fuel Cosumption: 17.2l/100km


Max Speed: 350 km/h (217mph), 0-100 km/h: 2.9 seconds.

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