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Find me the right stylish car

The following table shows the users car preferences: First Name Catrina Are you buying a new or used car? New Car Body Type Hatch Transmission Type Automatic From Price Range 35,000 To Price Range 45,000 Priority 1 Looks/Style Priority 2 Ride and Handling Priority 3 Exclusivity Car

Diesel Vs Petrol – The on-going debate finally solved

(updated 01/04/14: added new petrol vs diesel prices statistics) Mildura, the mini metropolis of the state of Victoria, is very well known for it’s beautiful hot summer days, noteworthy wineries, riverboats, Stefano’s multi-award winning Restaurant, and of course, acre after acre of vineyards (catering for a variety

Q. Which car do you suggest for me to buy?

Q. I want to buy a car for my family. We are 4 all together with two boys of 13 & 11 respectively. I am using Toyota Corolla CSX. Which car do you suggest for me to buy? I would prefer used,strong car with safety measures rating

Best mid sized SUV Australia 2013

A reader has posted a question asking what is the best mid-size SUV going around at the moment. Their key criteria is safety, price and a towing limit of 5,000.